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What is
The Opportunity Project?

The Opportunity Project (TOP) is a non-profit organization founded by youth, for youth. TOP was created to give youth quality opportunities and connections to their community. Targeting ages 12 - 29, TOP provides a variety of programming including job readiness, career exploration, training courses and many other opportunities! As a youth-led organization, we understand the importance of our role in society and the future. Therefore, TOP aims to empower youth to succeed in Education, Engagement, Employment, and Social Development.

Our Focus


TOP educates youth through training & program opportunities including babysitting courses, home alone + first aid, and cyber safety. TOP also provides life skill and job readiness education through programs like TOP Readiness!


We strive to create meaningful connections that lead youth to feel passionate, committed and driven. Check out our upcoming events and social media to get involved!


TOP helps youth gain employment with TOP Readiness. TOP Readiness allows youth to get engaged in a 25-week program where they will be trained in the workplace. 

Social Development

TOP invests in youth and assists in the development and improvement of the individual well-being of those youth in our communities. Check out our self-care toolkit here

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