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Top Building Bridges

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The Opportunity Project aims to create meaningful connections between youth and their communities through the building bridges program. Several programs have been established in New-Wes-Valley, and we have plans to expand into Grand Falls- Windsor in the near future.

Karma Kafé

Karma Kafé is the first youth enterprise to be created through the building bridges program. It is a quaint café operated entirely by youth in the New-Wes-Valley area. Stop in to enjoy a fresh bakery item or a cup of tea while enjoying the scenic views of the area.

Textile Exchange

Textile Exchange is a youth-led project with the goal of providing for every member of the local community in New-Wes-Valley. It is a donation based store in which no items are priced. Instead, shoppers "pay what they can" so that no one is excluded from being able to take what they need. 

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