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The Opportunity Project has created TOP Development to give youth a push towards their future. With this resource, youth can have direct contact with TOP members and access to other nationally sourced guides. 

When applying for anything, your resume is the very first thing an employer will see about you. This short document is meant to make the best candidates stand out, so it is important that your resume gives a great first impression.


By understanding how to properly build a resume, you will give yourself an edge over other applicants, which will positively impact your search for employment.

  • Keep it simple, leave out any irrelevant or outdated information.

  • Your resume should not be too long, try to keep it to one page.

  • Beware of spelling or grammatical errors and be sure to proofread it many times, and have a friend to proofread it as well.

  • Never stop changing and updating your resume.

  • Follow any directions when applying for a position that expects certain things to be included in your resume.

  • Include two - three references at the end.


Resume Building
employment search

Finding employment, especially in a position you like, can be extremely fulfilling. Having a job comes with many personal benefits such as learning new skills, allowing yourself to be challenged, meeting new people, and of course, gaining regular income.


Sometimes the search for employment can be intimidating so we have created this space for those needing direction on how to take the first steps.

  • Apply for anything that interests you, or positions where you could picture yourself working.

  • Follow the specific steps each job listing may have in order to apply.

  • Apply as soon as possible.

  • Get involved and make connections within your community which may help you find unlisted positions and give you the chance to meet potential employers (or those who know them).

Job Listing Sites


Training course search

When searching for different employment or schooling options, you may find that some of them require you to have additional certification such as First Aid Training, WHIMIS Training, or other relevant training programs already completed.


Obtaining these certifications can be very beneficial to your job search and are a rewarding experience.

  • Keep an eye open for when different training courses are being offered.

  • Whether or not you feel a particular training course is relevant to you, it may still be beneficial to have as you never know what type of offer may come up.

Academic advising

It is sometimes extremely difficult to know what direction you want your life to go in, and planning to continue education can be a nerve-wracking process to start.


Making the choice to continue your education will be very rewarding and having people to help with the process will make the transition back into education much smoother. 

  • Be open to different options concerning both institutions and programs.

  • Be sure to apply early so you are not rushing to submit your application before the deadline.

  • Set goals for your future and think of what career you can see yourself enjoying long-term.



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