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Karma Kafé

Coffee with a Cause

Karma Kafé is the original venture of the Building Bridges program. The café is run entirely by youth staff who handle every aspect of the day-to-day activities, from serving customers to baking the fresh goods for sale. 

Karma's menu features many craft coffee items, as well as staple food and beverage options, so there is something for everyone. The menu is completely customizable, with a large breakfast selection and gourmet sandwiches made to order. The fresh baked goods such as chocolate chip cookies and tea buns are the perfect dessert to finish your visit with, and they are all made fresh throughout the day. 

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Build your own Breakfast

Pancakes  $5.00

(Blueberry, Chocolate chip, Plain)

Toast  $2.00 

(Whole wheat, White)

Bagel  $2.50

(Whole wheat, White, Everything)

2 Eggs  $3.00

(Fried, Boiled, Scrambled)

3 Slices of Bacon  $3.25

2 Sausages  $3.25

Side of Hash browns  $3.25

Cream Cheese  $1.00

(Plain, Mixed Berry, Herb & Garlic)

Cheese  $0.50

(Cheddar, Mozza)

Other Breakfast Items

Breakfast Sandwich  $5.75

Bacon or Sausage

Yogurt Parfait  $4.00

Build your own Sandwich

Starting at $3.00


White, Whole Wheat

Ciabatta  $0.50  Bagel $0.50


Mayo, Chipotle Mayo, Ranch


Lettuce, Spinach, Pickles, Tomato


Turkey $2.50  Ham $2.50  Bacon $0.75


Cheddar $0.50  Mozza $0.50

Cold Drinks

Iced Latte  $3.50

Iced Caramel Macchiato  $3.50

Iced Coffee  $3.00

Karma Soda  $2.00

Apple/Orange Juice  $1.50

Hot Drinks

Coffee or Tea

Small $1.50  Medium $2.00  Large $2.50


Small $2.50  Medium $3.50  Large $5.00


Small $2.50  Medium $3.50  Large $5.00


Small $2.00  Medium $2.50

Syrup Flavors 

Vanilla, Caramel, Hazelnut, French Vanilla (sugar free)

Desserts & Treats

Chocolate chip cookie  $1.50

Apple Cranberry loaf  $2.75

Poundcake $4.25

Brownie  $1.50

Chocolate Cake  $3.25

Sugar free Banana Muffin  $2.75

Vanilla Cream Scone  $2.75

Located in New- Wes- Valley, Newfoundland, Karma Kafé offers a stunning view of the surrounding waters.

From the back deck you can sit and enjoy the sights of the ocean or the scenic buildings that have been in the area since the late 1800's. Inside, the inviting décor made up entirely of donated items from locals, gives off the feeling of having a visit with some old friends. Many of the decorative items are for sale, and proceeds go towards future endeavors for the youth of the area. From decorative items with a story to tell of the local culture, to upcycled furniture brought to life by the volunteers and café staff, to cabinets filled with used books or local goods for sale. Everywhere you turn there is something new to discover.

Old Paper

Creating Karma Kafé

Karma Kafé was founded by Florence (Flo) Cross, who after retiring from a long career in education became a mentor for the youth of New-Wes-Valley. After a very successful play production put off by the 13 youth involved in the building bridges theatre group, enough funds had been raised that each of the members would have been given $500. One by one, they agreed that they would prefer to see the money go towards something that would continue to engage the youth of New-Wes-Valley, and give others the same opportunity Flo had provided them to get involved in the community. With the help of these funds, the building for Karma Kafé was purchased. The 13 youth now hold shares in the café, and some are even involved in its day-to-day operations. Between the hard work and dedication of the youth involved, the wonderful leadership from Flo, and the endless kindness from the people of the community, Karma Kafé was brought to life. All the work on the building was done by volunteers except for some electrical and plumbing, and the deck built onto the building to showcase the stunning view of the water for their company to enjoy. The furniture and décor are made up of the outpouring of donations that were received from locals when the group spread word of what they hoping to do, and so many donations came through that the Textile Exchange was created from the items they could not use in the café. To this day, the café is run with the same goals in mind; to provide an opportunity for youth to connect with their community, providing a place for company to gather and connect, and to do so in a sustainable way; with all food and drink being served using reusable dishes or compostable packaging. 

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Hours of Operation:

Monday: 9 AM - 7 PM

Tuesday: 9 AM - 7 PM

Wednesday: CLOSED

Thursday: 9 AM - 7 PM

Friday: 9 AM - 7 PM

Saturday: 10 AM - 4 PM

Sunday: 10 AM - 4 PM

Chocolate Chip Cookies

(709) 501-8935

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