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Self-care tool kit

The Opportunity Project has partnered with a group of psychology students from Cape Breton University to develop a Self-Care Tool Kit 

"The goal of this project is to provide a universal

self-care toolkit and workshop that can be moulded to any audience and is accessible to the public through organizations and online.

Our inspiration comes from the significance self-care plays in mental and physical wellness and the lack of generalized resources available."


This workshop is designed to promote self-care awareness. The guideline can be modified to reach any target audience. We welcome you to download this free resource to teach others about self-care!

This Self-Care Toolkit can also be found at

If you would like to host this toolkit on your website, email


These resources are free for anyone to download!

These tools will aid in self-reflection and self-care skills. Feel free to take a look at our workshop guideline for a list of relevant terms and resources.


As the creators of this document, Team B-Well would like to acknowledge that whilst this information has been gathered and researched extensively, it has not been conducted by licensed practicing mental health professionals.

Our team is comprised of four psychology students currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts in Community Studies Program at Cape Breton University. Our previous experience and skill set include non-profit work, program development, and various mental health training. This self-care toolkit does not contain professional or medical advice. The information provided is meant to be used for general information and educational purposes only, and is not meant to be a substitute for professional advice. 


Self-care and mental health are deeply connected. If you or anyone you know are struggling, please reach out to the resources below:

Recommended Phone Numbers 

Canadian Crisis line - 1 (888) 353-2273


Crisis Services Canada - 1 (833) 456-4566 OR Text Support (4pm-12am EST)-45645


Kids Help Phone - 1 (800) 668-6868 OR Text “CONNECT” to 686868 (Adult friendly) - (778) 783-0177 (9pm-3am EST) 

Recommended Websites

Canadian Mental Health Association -


Kids Help Phone Chat Services - 


The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health - https://www.camh.c - Youth Chat (9:00pm-3:00am EST) -  

Recommended Apps

MindShift App

Mindfulness Coach


Available on IOS and Android

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