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TOP Generation

TOP Generation was developed to create connections between youth and older adults. The goal of this project is to give youth the opportunity to interact, learn and bridge the generational gap with the older adults within our community. This project will provide a weekly schedule of events where youth and seniors will interact together in a positive way.

 This program will provide an intergenerational experience for our youth while also providing programming for seniors. Youth and seniors will participate in a variety of programming including recreation, wellness, education, inclusion, connection and social facilitation. Our partnership with the Stable Way also provides animal therapy and wellness to both groups. 

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  • Game Night 

  • Mental Wellness 

  • Coffee & Conversation

  • Themed Events

  • Travelling Events


Benefits of the Project

Social Development

Through working with each other and the senior youth will have an increased sense of inclusion and will be given the opportunity to socialize in a less structured environment. 


Mental Wellness

Through the activities under the category of the same title, youth will increase their understanding of self-care and in turn increase their own wellness. 


Event Planning

Youth will be encouraged to take the lead on the events that will take place through this project


Leadership Development

By taking a lead through the planned activities youth will gain valuable leadership skills through the development of the activities and facilitation.


Intergenerational & Civic Engagement

Youth and seniors are both groups that face discrimination due to their age, but for very different reasons. Our young people and seniors are often disconnected but can teach each other a variety of skills, ideas and understandings. Connecting our youth and seniors increases our community wellness.



Allowing youth to lead activities with seniors and develop connections will facilitate confidence in our young people.


Empathy & Compassion

Youth and seniors both face discrimination based on their age. Intergenerational activities will increase understanding of each other's struggles and facilitate empathy and compassion. 



Youth will facilitate activities with the seniors, teaching them a variety of skills in leadership, program facilitation, problem-solving, and connections. 



Hour dedicated to this project will count towards mandatory community service hours for high school students.

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